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Hybrid Gels

Whether at home or in the salon, you’ll soon discover why PolyLock is Australia’s Favourite Gel Polish. Over 70 amazing shades. Over 14 days of polished perfection!

Hybrid Gels


Pro & Scultping Gels

Our range of professional builder & colour gels are perfect for natural nails, tips or sculpting. Strong yet flexible for beautiful long-lasting results.

Pro & Scultping Gels


LED Curing Lamps

Available in two sizes, catering for the home user and the professional / salon. The latest in LED curing technology, for ultra fast & safe gel curing.

Fast, Safe LED Lamps


Easy Gel Removal

Runway Professional Remover Wraps are developed with Microfibre cotton pads that trap heat for quick, convenient gel removal whilst limiting skin exposure to acetone.

Fast, Easy Removal


Community & Rewards

Your RUNWAY Professional Account is instantly linked to the RUNWAY Hub Community where you can share, post, comment, interact and earn rewards.

Community & Rewards


Wholesale Network

Upgrade your account to Salon / Business, Wholesale, Affiliate Partner or RUNWAY Representative account to maximize profits for your business type.

Wholesale Network


At RUNWAY Professional we believe in living in colour, being creative and expressing yourself!
              We have built a quality brand, one you can trust to deliver unparalleled results to your clients.

Emma Connelly (founder)

Popular Starter Packs

Our best-sellers, perfect for you or your salon

  • 1 x Home Series LED Lamp
  • 1 x Top Coats
  • 1 x Base Coat
  • 3 x PolyLock Colours
  • 40 x Remover Wraps
  • 1 x Salon Series LED Lamp
  • 2 x Top Coats
  • 2 x Base Coat
  • 10 x PolyLock Colours
  • 3 x Builder Gels
  • 80 x Remover Wraps
  • 2 x Salon Series LED Lamp
  • 5 x Top Coats
  • 5 x Base Coat
  • 35 x PolyLock Colours
  • 3 x Builder Gels
  • 3 x Crystalizer Gels
  • 400 x Remover Wraps
  • 4 x Salon Series LED Lamp
  • 10 x Top Coats
  • 10 x Base Coat
  • 70 x PolyLock Colours
  • 12 x Builder Gels
  • 12 x Crystalizer Gels
  • 1000 x Remover Wraps

Curing Times

PolyLock™ and Crystalizer™ Curing Times

Home Series LED Lamp

  • PolyLock™ Base 30 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Colour 60 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Top 60 Sec
  • Crystalizer™ 90 Sec

Salon Series Photonics LED Lamp

  • PolyLock™ Base 5 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Colour 15 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Top 15 Sec
  • Crystalizer™ 30 Sec

Salon Series Photonics LED Lamp

  • PolyLock™ Base 5 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Colour 15 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Top 15 Sec
  • Crystalizer™ 30 Sec

Salon Series Photonics LED Lamp

  • PolyLock™ Base 5 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Colour 15 Sec
  • PolyLock™ Top 15 Sec
  • Crystalizer™ 30 Sec

Product Facts

You'll love the fact that RUNWAY Professional is


5-Free & No Animal Testing

RUNWAY Professional products contain no Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP); Toluene; Formaldehyde; Formaldehyde Resin; Camphor. NO Animal Testing.

Damage-Free, Long-Lasting

PolyLock®. There’s no buffing, filing or scraping, it’s goes on like a regular polish and lasts as long as a gel (up to two weeks) with no chipping, smudging or fading.

& Cures Ultra-Fast

Our breakthrough technology means that PolyLock® cures in an unbelievable 5 seconds (Base Coat) and 15 seconds (Colours & Top Coat) in the RUNWAY Professional Photonics Salon Series Lamp.



RUNWAY Professional - Looking Good Never Goes Out Of Fashion

RUNWAY Professional, an Australian company that consists of dynamic, creative individuals who focus on developing and providing salons across Australia, Europe and America with the latest in quality RUNWAY Professional health & beauty products.

We are a Brisbane based company and we supply customers from all over Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America.  We are a group of dynamic, creative individuals who believe in 'living in colour' as we say!

We are always investigating new technologies and experimenting to ensure that we deliver on our slogan of 'The Next Generation in Nail Technology'. We have colour technicians who spend their days developing new colours and analysing current global colour trends to ensure our customers get the latest colour trends.

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RUNWAY PolyLock™

RUNWAY Professional brings you the next generation in Nail Technology with the RUNWAY Professional PolyLock™ System. It locks in vibrant colour molecules, leaving you with a perfect mirror-finish that stays brilliant and shiny – no smudging, no flaking or chipping! PolyLock™ actually protects your nails from splitting and breaking with a thin but tough exoskeleton.

It’s a revolutionary manicure technique that goes on and stays on until you are ready to take it off. That’s over 14 days of flawless finish! Our colour technologists ensure you the have latest colour trends hot off the catwalk. Best of all - The RUNWAY Professional PolyLock™ System is free from harmful toxins and carcinogens (NO dibutyl phthalate, toluene,  formaldehyde,  formaldehyde resin or camphor and NO animal testing)

The Polylock™ system is designed to be cured by either a traditional UV lamp or the recommended RUNWAY Professional LED lamp.

RUNWAY Crystalizer™

The RUNWAY Professional Crystalizer™ Gel Collection has been specifically formulated for use in Nail Salons, offering a truly radiant crystal finish that’s free of dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde and contains no harmful carcinogen (and NO animal testing). Crystalizer™ leaves your clients with a safe and truly luminescent three-dimensional crystal-like sparkle . The Crystalizer™ Range has a total of 12 magnificent, dazzling gels colours accompanied by three builder gels - available in white, clear or pink clear.


RUNWAY LED Curing Lamps

The RUNWAY Professional has two technologically advanced LED Lamps. The Home Series is perfect for at home needs, whilst our Professional Salon Series Photonics™ Lamp caters for the professional market. Our LED Lamps were specifically designed in conjunction with our range of Crystalizer™ Gels and PolyLock™ Hybrid Gel Polishes to ensure a perfect, consistent curing result each time. Both lamps feature state-of-the-art LED technology, utilising the best quality LED chips available, created by Nichia in Japan. The diodes have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, which means they never need replaced. These diodes ensure a faster and safer curing experience, shielding you from prolonged exposure to UV Rays by focusing on the Narrow Band Spectrum, the same spectrum used by dermatologists for phototherapy. Our lamps are energy-efficient, which means they use less power to produce the light required for curing (more light, less electricity). The RUNWAY Professional LED Lamps do not generate any Ozone and have significant heat reduction signatures over other lamps.

RUNWAY LED Home Curing Lamps

The RUNWAY Professional LED lamp is a 9W lamp which uses 3x3W top quality Japanese (Nichia) jumbo diodes. Curing times for this lamp are as follows: 30Sec Base Coat, 60 Sec Colour Coats, 60sec Top Coats and 90sec Crystalizer Gels. This lamp is best suited to curing 4 fingers at a time, followed by both thumbs which is ideal for a home environment.

RUNWAY LED Photonics Salon Series Curing Lamp

The RUNWAY Professional Photonics Salon Series LED lamp is a 27W lamp which uses 9x3W top quality Japanese (Nichia) jumbo diodes. It boasts a lightning-fast curing time and auto starts when it senses the hand has been inserted. Curing times are: 15sec for Base Coat, 30 Sec Colour Coats, 30sec Top Coats and 60sec Crystalizer Gels. This lamp is ideal for a salon environment, when time is of the essence!

RUNWAY Remover Wraps

The RUNWAY Professional Remover Wraps are designed to work with both the PolyLock™ and Crystalizer™ Gel Nail Systems giving you and your customers a fast, comfortable and easy-to-use soak-off gel remover system. The Runway Professional Remover Wraps reduce skin exposure to acetone, and are the most effective way to remove both PolyLock™ and Crystalizer™. They work by simply applying acetone (min. 80%) to the cotton pads, then applying and leaving on for 10-15 minutes.


We Do Things Differently

Hey partner! There's earning potential just for you at RUNWAY Professional.

We believe in people, in diversity, in opportunity and empowerment. Not just thinking, but living outside of the box. We’re a leader, not a follower, an innovator, not an imitator and we understand that not everything in life is black & white. We believe in living in colour & being the best version of yourself - that’s why We Do Things Differently - We Do Things For YOU!

We’ve created an exciting new platform, crammed full of opportunities for you to earn as a RUNWAY Professional Partner. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a beauty blogger, a nail enthusiast or fully-fledged salon - we’ve created a special space just for you!
Love RUNWAY & want to be your own boss or earn a little extra on the side?

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